Daily Devotion: The “Fundamentalist” Deception

In fundamentalism, they put the entire focus of faith upon the salvation of the individual. They claim:

“Salvation” is something one can lose, and must “do” certain things to “attain”.
“Belief” in Jesus is what must be done to “attain” salvation.
Jesus was born, lived and died on the cross to pay the price of our sins so we could have eternal life instead of wrath for our sins.

There are so many problems with these “fundamentals” I’m practically frothing in anger right now. These are not “fundamentals”, these are falsehoods.

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Daily Devotion: The Plague of The “Me, Me, Me’s”

What are the “Me, Me, Me’s”, you ask? An awful affliction, which lies hidden within the heart of every human being. It’s the “Me” of Ego, the Me based in fear, the Me that puts your own concerns before others. In terms of the progress of society and culture, a bad case of the “Me, Me, Me’s” can stop any progress in its tracks or even force a reversal in the evolution of a culture or society.

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Daily Devotion: Suffering Flesh and God’s Will for You

The “flesh” of both the calf and ourselves represents our personal, selfish desires. Things which may drive us to act adversarially in regards to the Will of God. When we offer up this “flesh, or our “desires” counter to our purpose as loving children of God, we are declaring them a sacrifice to God. Something we are willing to “kill” and give-up. The question now becomes, what takes its place?

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Daily Devotion: Believe in Me Or Die??


If a husband asks his wife if she “believes in him”, what is he asking? He’s asking if she trusts him.

If someone asks you to “have a little faith in me”, they are asking you to trust in them.

And yet Christians across the world insist Jesus means for us to “believe” in his divinity. Yes/no, cut and dried. This insistence leaves us with a neutered understanding of “believe”.

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Daily Devotion: Women, Whiskey and Worship


I hate being told what to do.

Even worse, I hate being told something is bad for me.

In my heady youth (18-23) my mantra was, “If it feels good, do it.” It’s my belief that if most people were honest with themselves, this is pretty much a universal tendency with all of us.

Consequently, I had a love/hate relationship with going to church, and I gave no time to moral contemplation and the like.

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