Revealing Satan


Little do we realize that the greatest trick “Satan” ever pulled was to convince the world he even existed.

Oh, “Satan” is real, I assure you, but it is not some fallen angel from Heaven who rules the evil forces of this world with almost God-like power. No, “Satan” is real and “Satan” does have real power, and I warn you, he is very close to you… even right now.

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Daily Devotions: Spock, Yeshua, and the Meaning of “Shin”


Come find out how “Yeshua” is the key to understanding the heart of God, the kingdom and God’s love as divine fire. And what the heck does Spock (from Star Trek) have to do with all of this???

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Sunday Devotion: Who Does God Say We Are?

So I revisit Yeshua’s first question to us, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?”

Who do you say humanity is? What does the Word of God want us to know? Not through second-hand knowledge, but through the Truth of his beloved son?

“Who do YOU say that I AM?”

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Daily Devotion: Warren Buffett And The Yeast of The Kingdom

Yeast has a shelf-life. And some kids of yeast last much longer than others, and once used can stay active and ferment change more effectively. I think this is also true of ideas: while some may seem potent catalysts for change at first, their overall efficacy is soon revealed to be rather lacking. The very same ideas that passionately inspired us the turn out to be duds.

We always need to be conscious of an ideas ability to foment change, to be a catalyst for the reaction we need to see in the world!

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