Daily Devotion: As Goes the Fig Tree So Goes The World

No more scapegoating. No more acquiescence to the “inevitability” of sin and death.

Confront all things unjust. Take responsibility for them, and assume their cost.

And we too shall conquer all things. Just as Yeshua did before us.

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Daily Devotion: What a Silly God!

Silly Yeshua.

Didn’t he read the bible before he started acting out against the authority of the temple priests and the Romans? Of course he was killed! It’s what God said to do to those who disobey!

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Sunday Devotion: The Simple Matter of “Christ Conscience”

Christ taught us the conscience of God. If something does not express love, do not do it.

So while God may be in all things, not all things are beneficial or divine by association. They must be made so, through the act of restorative love.

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Daily Devotion: What will you do with what I AM?

Obey or die. Go along with the way things are or suffer the consequences. Fall in line and you’ll be fine. Step out of line and you’ll be sorry.

These directives are not reflective of the will of God as revealed through Yeshua the Anointed. They are reflective of the will of Man. God does not desire blind obedience through fear, but loyalty and trust in God through mutual love.

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