Wake Up, Lord! We Are Perishing! – Is God Asleep at The Wheel?


One of the greatest fears a theist can have is the notion of an aloof, uncaring, or impotent God. We have come so far as to even have faith in the Almighty, so it is a scary proposition in the face of tremendous adversity or injustice when someone plants the idea of , “where is your God now”?

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Daily Devotion: Redeeming the Unredeemable

Since time immemorial, the system of justification through works was the theology of the age in Judea. And for 1st and 2nd CE Jewish coverts to Christianity, this sense of religious legalism would have pervaded their young theology. This is evident in 2 Peter 2, which reads more like the books of the prophets than a New Testament epistle.

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Sunday Devotion: Doubting God’s Salvation

Peter was fine and safe until he became frightened of the possibility of danger.
It was when he thought he needed to be saved, that he began to sink crying, “Lord, save me?”
But the truth is Peter never needed to be saved. He only thought he did.

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