Daily Devotion: Idolatry and the Decline of Civilizations

To my mind and heart, today’s readings are heartbreaking examples of the maddeningly repetitive reality of human greed and lust for power. It never, ever ends well, for any society… ever.

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Sunday Devotion: What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?

“But real Christians – and this is the permanent truth which Jesus here lays down – are at one and the same time good citizens of their country and good citizens of the kingdom of heaven. They will fail in their duty neither to God nor to society.” – William Barclay, The Gospel of Matthew, Volume Two: 2 (New Daily Study Bible) (pp. 319-320)

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Daily Devotion: Shut Up, God. Please.

From the barren wastelands of the human condition, I hear a voice calling out, more and more loudly. It is a voice of equality. It is a voice of hope AND foreboding. It is a voice of glory.

And I want it to shut up.

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