You’re Not Going to Believe This… Even if I Tell You


Jesus did something that we aren’t going to believe. Something so amazing, so radical, so unbelievable that we will reject it. Chances are you have rejected it. I know I have. We all have.

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Daily Devotion: Let him die??

What a poor and pitiable condition for a society! Instead of teaching tenets of compassion that would lay a foundation of care and empathy for the sick or disabled, instead they inculcated a instinctive derision, a built-in prejudice against those that hadn’t received a fair shake in life.

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Daily Devotion: The Motives of Christian Leadership

Do you proclaim Christ for the sake of the world, for the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven? Or do you proclaim Christ for your own sake? To be affirmed, to be recognized… for power?

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Sunday Devotion: To Say or To Act? That is the question…

Is it better to say, “I will do as you ask, Lord!” and do nothing at all? Or is it better to say, “I will not do as you ask, Lord,” and yet do what is asked?
Sadly, most of us would rather “say” the right thing rather than “do” the right thing.

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Daily Devotions: As Above, So Below.

Most of humanity lives in and “either/or” world. God wants us to live in a “both/and” kind of world.

By living in a “both/and” world, we are open to all possibilities before we make a judgment about the nature of something. We can see the nuance of the world, right? I hope so.

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Daily Devotions: You Are a Mist

Today is a blessing, for we had no guarantee it was to come at all.

Our life is a blessing for we had no guarantee to be born at all.

The greatest lie our minds can tell our hearts is that something is permanent.

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