Salvation According to Jesus: Repentance and Change


What does Jesus’ reaction to a short little rich man who swindled countless others have to tell us about Salvation? The answer might suprise you…

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December 21, 2012: The End of the Age of Me and The Coming of The Savior

photo credit: Brett Jordan via photopin cc

Tomorrow, 12.21.2012, has pretty much been the day I’ve been waiting for since I started this blog two years ago. I am filled with hope and anticipation! Come read, and find out why…

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Good Friday: The Day God Saved Us From God?


Today across the world, people will hear that Jesus died to save us from death and wrath. God’s wrath. Well, this is a lie. This is wrong. And I’ll show you how.

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Newsweek: Forget the Church. Follow Jesus.


Newsweek’s Andrew Sullivan has declared a revolution has begun within Christianity. I couldn’t agree more. Walk away from the old, start something new.

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Finding my home by leaving it…


The Spark has been set… I never in a million years would have thought that the “goodbye video” I made last Tuesday (about my choice to no longer be “Christian” and walking away from the church as it exists today) would have generated such a response. I have been put back on my heels a […]

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We Deny the Way of the Lord

God wants us to prepare the Way of the Lord. “No thanks,” we say, “we’re too busy with our meaningless lives to care about living ‘on the level’.”

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Enough Christian Warrior Porn: It’s Time To Take The Lamb Back!… Part 2

Let me try and make my stand perfectly clear: if you want to hurt anyone, through inflicting physical, emotional, or spiritual injury upon anyone… you are not a follower of Yeshua. You are not Christian… at all.

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Uprising of Love: Overthrow Empire as the Children of God!

To overthrow the power of Empire, finally and forever, we must act in completely opposing ways to Empire. Look at the non-violent campaign of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Look at the non-violent revolution of Ghandi. The Harvest of Righteousness was sown in peace… and it worked!

This is the truth of Universal Salvation, this is the truth of our purpose as Christians: we are to be the leaders of this final revolution against Empire.

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“Enough!” my heart says.

“Enough!” my reason says.

“Enough!” my spirit says.

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Daily Devotion: “Let Them Die Before You. Deal With Them in Your Anger.”

But, is it the clay’s fault that it can’t take shape? …or the potter’s fault?

It’s the potter’s fault.

This is what is dangerous about fire-and-brimstone rants: it puts you in danger of making God sound incompetent.

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