Why I Am No Longer Christian – Walking Away From the Church


My attempt to explain why I haven’t been writing and what’s been going on in my head over the last 3 months.

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Part 3: An Interview With God

  This is part 3 of my imagined interview with God. Last week in parts 1 and 2, God (who calls itself “I AM”) revealed that what God “is” should be impossible to define, yet we should not hesitate to choose our own form for God so we can relate with God. In Part 1, […]

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Part 2: An Interview With God

This is part 2 of my imagined interview with God. Yesterday, in Part 1, God revealed that the true form of God is impossible to define and should never be limited, but the nature of God can be known, through revelations of the relationship in our lives. Today I will continue to probe God, who […]

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ENOUGH Christian Warrior Porn: It’s Time to Take the Lamb Back


I am so weary of this long-time trend in Christian mythology, especially in regards to “the end times”, in which the imagery of Christ the Lamb (compassionate, peaceful, subversive pacifism) is constantly and nearly completely usurped by the imagery of the Lion (violence, coercion and war). The main source of both of these images is […]

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