Thank God for Our Perfectly Imperfect Savior


Perfectly imperfect: of course the most famous person in all human history would be born a nobody. Of course the savior of all the world should need to be protected and saved right out of the womb. Of course he that would bring the first real examples of radical equality should be on of the oppressed.

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To Everything: Turn, turn, turn…

photo credit: andywon via photopin cc

May this Christmas Eve bring you nothing more, and nothing less, than exactly what it is the season for!

Have faith, that no matter what that may be, it is exactly what you need.

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Salvation and The Solstice: The Spiritual Origins of Christmas


The ancients recognized an annual pattern and began to model some of humanity’s earliest spiritual concepts from their observations of the Solstices. The fading sun became a symbol of our inevitable death.

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Victoria’s Secret™, Baby Jesus, and Grace

“… Daddy’s eyes were stealing glances over at angel cleavage more often than I’d like to admit while waiting for our turn with Santa”.

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Desire the character of I AM and be saved!

For all who might desire the essence and character of what I AM will be healed and saved from the power of sin and death. – Trig’s translation of Romans 10:13

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Jesus was NOT a Lamb: The Difference Between The Law and Love

“We pay our debts in business dealings because we have to; we give gifts to our loved ones because we want to. It was not law but love that lay behind the sacrifice of Christ.” – B.F. Wescott

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