Victoria’s Secret™, Baby Jesus, and Grace

“… Daddy’s eyes were stealing glances over at angel cleavage more often than I’d like to admit while waiting for our turn with Santa”.

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Daily Devotion: You’re Not Going to Believe This…

Jesus did something that we aren’t going to believe. Something so amazing, so radical, so unbelievable that we will reject it. Chances are you have rejected it. We all have.

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Daily Devotion: What will you do with what I AM?

Obey or die. Go along with the way things are or suffer the consequences. Fall in line and you’ll be fine. Step out of line and you’ll be sorry.

These directives are not reflective of the will of God as revealed through Yeshua the Anointed. They are reflective of the will of Man. God does not desire blind obedience through fear, but loyalty and trust in God through mutual love.

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Daily Devotion: Restoring the Lost Christian Identity

Our identity in Christ is never based upon who we are, what we believe or what we do…

… but rather upon HOW WE LIVE and HOW WE LOVE!

This is the original basis for identity in early Christianity: commonality in good works, not for the sake of our salvation, but in response to our salvation. This is how the world shall know who we are.

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Daily Devotion: Discharged From The Law To Serve The Kingdom

Do not be afraid to act in this world for fear of sinning. Love with abandon and sin with abandon if need be. But act for the good of others at all times.

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Daily Devotion: The Simple Logic of Christian Universalism


This is how the little child in Africa who has never heard the Gospel in his or her life still receives salvation should they be killed.

This is the deathblow to exclusive, fundamentalist Christianity.

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Daily Devotion: God Opposes the Proud, but Gives Grace to the Humble.

Upfront honesty and humility is the most economic path to true relationships, and authentic relationships are the bedrock to a deep sense of community, and a deep sense of community is the foundation of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

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Daily Devotion: The Good, The Bad, and The Redeemed

It was only until I embraced my nature as a flawed and sinful human being and learned to fully trust in God’s love and strength that I truly began to thrive and change.

You must accept failure in order to succeed.

You must admit you are a sinner before you can become a saint.

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Daily Devotion: Angel, Blow Your Blessed Horn Already!

Bible Readings for Friday April 8th, 2011 – The 5th Week of Lent *Click on each bible passage to expand the text. Psalm 130 1. [A Song of Ascents.] Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD. 2. Lord, hear my voice! Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications! […]

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Daily Devotion: How “Faith” is Destroying Christianity

You cannot earn Grace. You cannot earn salvation. Nothing you DO in this life can increase the assurance of your claim to salvation and Grace. It is by God’s work alone. Never by your own.

If you must DO ANYTHING to receive salvation, it negates Grace.

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