Jesus was NOT a Lamb: The Difference Between The Law and Love

“We pay our debts in business dealings because we have to; we give gifts to our loved ones because we want to. It was not law but love that lay behind the sacrifice of Christ.” – B.F. Wescott

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Good Friday: He has done it. It is finished.

The Son, the Word, and the Lamb… of God, from God and in God. God was crucified on this day almost two millennia ago.

God was crucified for the sake of the whole world, to liberate us from judgement, to free us from fear.

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Daily Devotion: Our Own Worst Enemy


Fundamentalist churches across American love to warn the flock daily about the enemy, how it will infiltrate our lives, pervert our intentions, and drive us further away from God. The shattering truth is, the enemy is real. I can show you the enemy: do you want to see it with your own eyes? Look in the mirror.

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