Daily Devotion: Creation Waits For The Children of God


God willed that creation, the Law, society, human nature, and even life would be “futile”.

The Law cannot be accomplished of our own human volition.
Society always decays under the weight of empire and greed.
Human nature always succumbs to the evil fruits of fear and hate. (“Freedom Fries”, anyone?)
The curtain of life is drawn into the final act of death for every living creature. Death is the ultimate futility.

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Daily Devotions: God’s Breath and The Meaning of Pentecost

Jesus was not baptized by water. He was baptized by the Breath of God, the Holy Spirit. The water is only a symbol.

The Holy Spirit is vitally important, because the Word of God cannot be formed without the Breath of God. God’s creative will cannot be enacted without Breath.

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Daily Devotion: The Beatitude Bummer

Can you imagine if Christianity actually took the Beatitudes to heart? It would change our world as we know it. Humble, peaceful people filled with empathy and mourning with the sufferers around the world, who strove everyday for the Great Commandments no matter the cost?

A great goal. And it starts with me.

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Daily Devotion: Killing Your Self with The Breath of God

God never once speaks of how important the Self is. God’s ultimate concern is with the whole, the “congregation”, the “nation”, “all peoples”. All of Jesus’ teachings are steps on the path to minimizing or even destroying the Self.

The Way of Christ is the way of the cross, where the Self is crucified for the sake of the many.

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