Daily Devotion: You’re Not Going to Believe This…

Jesus did something that we aren’t going to believe. Something so amazing, so radical, so unbelievable that we will reject it. Chances are you have rejected it. We all have.

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Daily Devotion: How “Faith” is Destroying Christianity

You cannot earn Grace. You cannot earn salvation. Nothing you DO in this life can increase the assurance of your claim to salvation and Grace. It is by God’s work alone. Never by your own.

If you must DO ANYTHING to receive salvation, it negates Grace.

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Daily Devotion: Faith Working in Love

Bible Readings for Friday February 18th, 2011 – The 7th Week of Epiphany *Click on each bible passage to expand the text. Psalm 119:33-40 33. Teach me, O LORD, the way of your statutes, and I will observe it to the end. 34. Give me understanding, that I may keep your law and observe it […]

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