A Funny Kind of Resurrection: Easter Sunday


He is Risen! But, chances are you won’t recognize that fact. For the real nature of Yeshua’s resurrection is quite unexpected. It’s a funny kind of thing…

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Newsweek: Forget the Church. Follow Jesus.


Newsweek’s Andrew Sullivan has declared a revolution has begun within Christianity. I couldn’t agree more. Walk away from the old, start something new.

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Why I Am No Longer Christian – Walking Away From the Church


My attempt to explain why I haven’t been writing and what’s been going on in my head over the last 3 months.

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Victoria’s Secret™, Baby Jesus, and Grace

“… Daddy’s eyes were stealing glances over at angel cleavage more often than I’d like to admit while waiting for our turn with Santa”.

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Jesus was NOT a Lamb: The Difference Between The Law and Love

“We pay our debts in business dealings because we have to; we give gifts to our loved ones because we want to. It was not law but love that lay behind the sacrifice of Christ.” – B.F. Wescott

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Daily Devotions: Spock, Yeshua, and the Meaning of “Shin”


Come find out how “Yeshua” is the key to understanding the heart of God, the kingdom and God’s love as divine fire. And what the heck does Spock (from Star Trek) have to do with all of this???

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A New Church For Christian Universalists: Back To Basics

We, Christian Universalists, have no where to worship openly, safely, and in communion with a family of like-minded believers.

We need a different kind of church and worship. One where we focus our worship out into the world, worshiping with acts of love and service to our neighbor and enemies.

We want a church that utilizes the vast majority of it’s budget resources for acts of service and charity, not for fancy worship spaces and to pay pastors.

We want our own freedom in God.

I intend to do this. I intend to provide this place for us.

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Daily Devotion: Who Would Fashion a God… That Can Do No Good?

We start wars in the name of this idol.

We steal land from others in the name of this idol.

We enrich ourselves at the detriment of others in the name of this idol.

We kill in the name of this idol.

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