What is “Epochalypsis”?

The word “epochalypsis” is purely a creation, a play-on-words, if you will:


noun, ˈē-ˌpäk\
1 an extended period of time usually characterized by a distinctive development or by a memorable series of events


noun \ə-ˈpä-kə-ˌlips\

(Greek: apok·á·lypsis; “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”)

1 is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted.

Take a little etymological liberty and you get epochalypsis: the age of the unveiling.

Unveiling? Am I really that arrogant to think that I have some new revelation or secret teaching of God??

Not at all.

In fact, the word “unveiling” may be a bit inadequate, both metaphorically and literally. Perhaps we should consider it a “re-unveiling”. Everything I write about here has all been disclosed, understood, shared and practiced by early Christians for hundreds of years! I am not generating any new revelations of God. I am only re-introducing radical truths and concepts that have been largely forgotten, overridden, or hidden (mainly since the 17th century Age of Enlightenment):

The Kingdom:  God’s True Purpose for Man

  • The foundation of God’s character is passion for justice and equality.
  • God’s primary concern is the realization of The Kingdom of God on Earth, NOT our individual salvation, because…

Jesus: The Fulfillment of the Law

… Jesus’ execution upon the cross by the Roman empire WAS:

  • not simply an act of atonement. It was NOT a substitutionary sacrifice, i.e. He didn’t die (suffer) in our place. Jesus’ execution was a exemplary and participatory sacrifice of compassion. He demonstrated the true cost of the Kingdom. The true price of discipleship.
  • a final act of subversion to the empire, the destruction of the temple system, and victory against the dominion of sin.
  • an act signifying God’s all-encompassing love and compassion, providing salvation and grace for all people.

Radical Grace:  The Key to Living in Christ

  • God’s final salvation for us all should allow us to live a transformed life without fear (the root of all sin).
  • A fearless life leaves us free to love God and our neighbors as God demands: without excuses.
  • Grace empowers us to follow “The Way” of daily living in Christ and dying to the ways of the world.
  • To place requirements upon one’s eligibility to receive grace is to negate grace and turn it into a work.

Belief and Faith

Overall, modern Christianity has lost sight of the richness and layered reality of what the concepts of “belief” and “faith” meant to early Christians:

  • Belief is not merely a statement of “yes” or “no” about a set of creeds. It is a much deeper act of “loving”, and to “be-love” is to authentically believe. To be-love is to enter into a very dynamic and personal relationship with God. It requires no outside mediator or authority. Your belief, your “be-loving” of God is yours alone.
  • Faith is not merely a belief held in spite of evidence to the contrary. It is a blending of many more intrinsic aspects of the word “faith” which as a whole should encompass our understanding of the meaning of faith: assent (agreement), trust, fidelity (loyalty) and gratitude.

What is this website?

This website is my crucible of ideas, my forum to outline and discuss what I see as a new vision for what Christianity could be in the 21st century.

Finally, welcome to The Epochalypsis. Please participate and voice your opinions, whether supportive or not: I WANT DEBATE. I want copious amounts of intelligent, insightful, and provocative discussions to abound and bear fruit on this site!

Grace and peace!

Trig Bundgaard


  1. Trig, do you know the old testament passage that explains that if we would be loving like God that no messiah or blood sacrifice would be needed. I have read a couple of these which really opened my heart/mind. I cannot remember where these passages are now. Do you? Thanks! :)

    • Hello Susan!

      I just wanted to share, please read the entire chapter in context to get the full understanding of why God said something. The Bible and the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom and understanding. I have learned a lot with HIS help. Don’t forget to perform your cross references also!

      There are so many people who only read one or two verses and they missed true meaning. I learned from someone that the Bible will always interpret itself and the God will to, if you ask for wisdom he will give it to you liberally without reproach!


  2. These are some that come to mind: http://bibletab.com/psalms/40-6.htm

  3. Trig, I just found Epochalypsis from another progressive Christian site – and truly it is an answered prayer. I’ve been on a journey which started from my upbringing in an evangelical church through today as a Methodist. As the parent of a grown child who is an athiest, it has been a struggle for me to accept that the Creator who made this wonderful child would damn him to eternity because he did not believe in the teachings that he heard in a human church. And he has always had trouble with the thought that I would choose to be a member of a religion that would damn him to eternal hell. It has never made sense that a loving God who made the whole universe would damn a mere mortal human being for the vastness of eternity because they were unable to accept or believe what did not make sense to them during the 80 or so years they lived on this earth. Your explanation of Christian Universalism answered so many questions and put my mind at ease for the first time in years.

    • Val – Maybe we are sisters! Your story is mine…except I have TWO grown kids who have rejected God – or the Church, they each kind of have different issues. And my oldest just started Divinity School. So wow, how did I (and the Faith I thought I raised them in) contribute to this blessed variety? I say blessed, because after crying for a few months when my son “came out” (“Mom, I am an atheist” – would that it had been “I am gay”!!) then I was forced into examining my own beliefs in a way I had never done. I do believe it is a journey; recently, my daughter (the one in Seminary) told me I was a Universalist. Not sure what that was, I looked it up but I kept saying “but I believe Jesus is God Incarnate”. So this is the first site which has helped me to solidify my own belief that Jesus was giving us the Truth…and the He would not condemn any person who seeks that Truth, whether they proclaim Him as Savior or not. Doubt is a bigger part of my faith in God than it has ever been in my life…but I think maybe this is part of working towards spiritual maturity.
      So good luck to you on your journey – perhaps we can pray for each other and our children?!
      And thank you Trig :)

      • Rebecca, thank you so much for your response! I have talked to so few people about my son, and the ones that I do talk to suspect I’ve done something wrong to cause him to be this way. Actually, it’s the way God made him! He told me from a very young age in church he knew he didn’t “believe all that stuff”. And honestly, the way I was raised, I was afraid to question what I did or didn’t believe myself for fear of eternal damnation – or letting the devil take control of me!

        I’m on a journey to define what I actually believe – and I’m very thankful to have found this site. And to meet you Rebecca! I will definitely pray for you and your children. And am very thankful to have found a kindred spirit.

        Yes, thank you Trig ~

      • Thank you, Rebecca. Both you and Val have some pretty lucky kids! It’s a wonderful thing to have a parent that would be so ultimately concerned and full of unconditional love. So very much like God loves… ; )

    • You are so very welcome, Val, but the thanks is all to God!
      Having an atheist for a child must be such a blessing in the end because you have not been able to have the luxury of an easy faith yourself. Always challenged, always questioned, always in doubt, your faith has a much better chance of “weathering the storms of life” because of it.
      No, God loves your son very much. God’s only concern is how your son loves others. That’s it.
      I’m very thankful you found this site, too!

  4. Good morning,
    I just have a question: how and when did the Holy Spirit become “male?” The traditional Jewish concept of the Holy Spirit is the feminine aspect of God, and Christianity become so anti-female they changed the gender to male? What’s up w/ that?

  5. I recently came across a quote by Thomas Merton that was exceptional. As I read it, I reflected on those dreary days long-gone. We have all experienced these episodes at various times of our lives. “On mornings when the sun does not shine, we substitute synthetic light of our own so as not to admit that this morning was absurd. Into darkness all around like an awning, there we meet hope most perfectly in contemplation.”1 It is at this point that Man’s real power lies veiled behind shades of suffering. Desperate for answers to our natural autonomy, humans often obstruct the potential that silence may provide. It is inside this shawl of stillness we may classify our struggle and hopefully understand how lost we are. It seems to me, that society does an outstanding job of luring us away from stillness. Why would the business world sanction client immobility? Perhaps Thoreau and his tribe are not good for the economy because there are countless methods designed for such an escape from the harsh desert. Irrefutable concerns fester as we try to manage our desperation with a variety of shared tonics.

  6. I have become so dis satisfied with traditional and contemporary Christianity. I was raised in Christian Fundamentalism and Charismatic/Pentecostal in my 20’s and 30’s. In my late 30’s, I reconciled my faith and orientation ( I am gay) and ended up attending two affirming churches; one Mennonite, and the other Episcopalian.

    For about 10 years now , I have considered myself a Christian Universalist and I am increasingly leaning towards a non violent atonement expression. Traditional and contemporary Christianity, I feel is really missing the message of Christ. Even my understanding of worship has changed. We worship God as if God has an ego that needs stroked. In reality, so much worship music seems to be very self serving.

    It has been very difficult finding a fellowship that even comes close to expressing what I believe so I am completely overwhelmed by this sight. I finally feel like I am not alone; like I am home. Now I have to continue reading !

    Peace, Gary

    • I am glad you are here Gary, and especially if you’re finding my ramblings coherent and meaningful (I do wonder sometimes).

      God does not need any worship or prayer. God needs actions in the world and change within and without. God needs us to act like Yeshua! That is worship enough for God.

      Keep reading and please keep sharing your thoughts, Gary!

  7. I love you!! Great job. Consider yourself linked.

  8. I love your blog, and suspect that you might be open to a rather radical approach to spirituality, greatly reducing its separateness from science and common sense. I present it in a paper that will be highly attractive to science, explaining how there can be consciousness and how anything can matter in the world. Thus, it offers naturalistic evidence of God as central to scientific understanding of all that we know is real but nonphysical, and how God needs to be central in our lives. The paper is clearly and simply written, and provides a remarkable foundation for what seems to be your belief system. If you like with it, I hope to discuss with you how to make it known to leaders in the spiritual community.

    As meager evidence that it might be worth your time to give this paper at least a cursory reading, I provide the following bits of my background. I got the highest score in the nation on my Law School Aptitude test and a 1590 on my Graduate Record Exam, having missed only one question. I got my M.A. and Ph.D. in experimental psychology from UCLA in one year each – a record. I left research and teaching there to accept the presidency of an 800 employee company, Meyer Properties. I retired after receiving a million dollars of bonuses in my third year with the company.

    If willing, would you like the paper electronically or in hard copy?

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